Bishop Fred Shipman, Legacy Pastor

Six ways to describe him: Visionary, Worshiper, Giver, Committed to Christ and Winners Church, Passionate about his family, and as down to earth as your neighbor next door.

What he does for Winners Church: He’ll be the first to admit that he doesn’t do everything. But he operates in his giftings as a visionary, motivator, and speaker. Over the last 24 years, he has led Winners Church from a congregation of 300 to more that 2,000. Bishop Shipman works on the primus of giving the Pastoral Staff and Team Leaders the freedom and encouragement to do what they do best, without micromanaging them.

Other places his ministry has taken him: Bishop Shipman has traveled around the world ministering the gospel in crusades and pastors’ conferences including places such as Russia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Manila, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Where is he from? Bishop Shipman grew up in Oklahoma City where he attended OSU Tech and Southwestern University. He received his Bachelor of Divinity from International Bible Seminary. Bishop Shipman and his wife, Debbie, have pastored in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and now in West Palm Beach, Florida.

His Family: His wife, Debbie, son Christopher and his wife, Cristin, and their two children Mason and Macy, son Whitney and his wife Jennifer and their daughter Jenna. Both of his sons are in full time ministry at Winners Church.